Liebster Award… Round 2


The Liebster Award is back, and I was lucky to be nominated not once, but twice! Thank you to Rachel (CLE Fashionista) and Kim (Born Bred Buttered) for selecting me. I did my first Liebster Award post back in April and it was fun to share a little about myself & connect with other bloggers. Wondering […]

A Snapshot of My Life


To sum up the past 3 weeks: working, sleeping, LOTS of kitty snuggles & photo ops (seriously having 4 cats is so entertaining), Halloween, cooking, listening to T.Swift’s new album non-stop, not blogging, and I think that’s pretty much it haha. Obviously a lot more happened but let’s be honest – if it didn’t get […]

A Snapshot of My Life


In an effort to keep up with this blog more regularly, I thought I’d start with something kind of easy but still fun – a photo snapshot/Instagram recap type post (since Instagram is basically just a mini photo blog). I do really hope to get back into posting more regularly and I hope this will help […]

Recipe: Broccoli Cheddar Soup With Irish Beer Cheese


There’s something about fall that just makes me crave soup. Obviously the cooler temperatures and leaves changing call for something warm and comforting. Plus with Mike and I being under the weather, it was a necessity. One of my favorites is broccoli cheddar soup, which is traditionally not very healthy. However I followed a recipe […]

Losing Track of Time (a life update of sorts)

Saw this anchor marquee light on the wall at Music Box CLE (which was where Event Expo was held) and fell in love. I need this. Now.

Hello again! Where has the time gone? Life has been a blur lately. A good blur, but a blur none the less. Most of my time lately has been taken up by my new job & freelancing when I’m not at my new job. I’ve been trying to get back into a routine outside of […]

Put-in-Bay Celebrations + My 25 Before 25 List Update

5K finishers

For my 25th birthday, I decided to plan a weekend around a 5K race: the 5K at Put-in-Bay. Mom booked a bed & breakfast for her, myself, and Mike. Some other friends decided to join us as well, so they booked a suite at the Put-in-Bay Resort. Minus some logistical issues, lack of cell-phone service […]

The September Effect (a.k.a. that time when 3 weeks flew by…)


Well hello again, dearest readers! I seriously can’t believe that the last 3 weeks have come and gone so quickly. I have been super busy and I actually have to find time to blog again (yep that’s right, I got a new job!!! More on that later.) – my birthday is also tomorrow (what the […]

Swag Haul Vlog + Giveaway Party (from Sweat Pink BlogFest)


Hi there! I’m so excited to share with you today another vlog where I show you all the crazy swag I got from IDEA World Fitness Convention + Sweat Pink BlogFest. I’m also bringing you a HUGE giveaway to share the goodies with you. Enjoy! Okay… who’s excited for the giveaway party?! There’s 4 separate contests so […]

Mohican Weekend Adventures: Camping, river rafting, & a vlog


Over the weekend, Mike and I met up with my friend Bri down in Loudonville, Ohio to go camping for the weekend at Mohican State Park Campgrounds. Our trip down took about 2 hours, however we left a little late so once we got to our destination it was pitch black and we couldn’t see […]

Becoming a Vlogger


What the heck is a vlogger? Well, it’s a “Video Blogger” – i.e. a person who blogs, just through videos. Vlogging is something I’ve been wanting to try (and okay, I have actually tried it before and failed miserably), but after BlogFest and hearing how much Blogilates recommended having a YouTube channel, I decided to […]

California Love (Part 2 of our Anaheim trip)

And of course I couldn't resist showing off some #CHAARG pride by throwing up the bolts!

It’s official – we love California. I know, we only spent a short amount of time there but let’s face it… it’s California. It’s awesome. In my last post, I talked alllll about the conference I went to in Anaheim. However, we arrived in California early & stayed a couple of days extra so we […]

Sweat Pink BlogFest at IDEA World (Event Recap)


This past week has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life. No exaggeration. I’m so glad I decided to join my Sweat Pink sisters in Anaheim, California for Sweat Pink BlogFest: a conference for health & fitness bloggers put on by Fit Approach and IDEA Health & Fitness Association! Not only that, but […]

How to Eat Healthy: 5 Easy Nutrition Substitutions (Guest Post)


Hey guys!! How are you? I’m flying back to Cleveland today – which is bittersweet – California has been absolutely amazing but of course I miss my kitties! I cannot wait to recap all the fun we’ve been having. Today, Joe from The Frolicking Fells is sharing 5 easy nutrition substitutions you can start implementing […]